Mobile app for plotting trees

Brilliantly clear and precise, Arbor-Note maps load fast on your device.

This makes Arbor-Note dependable and easy to use in the field.

It also means you’ll be proud of the way your work looks when you present it to your clients…online, or in print.

Use three different methods for plotting trees:

  • Tap the map to add a tree at any desired location, or
  • Tap “+” and geo-tag a tree at your current location, or
  • Tap “+” and enter a distance and “throw” to a distant location.

Go ahead and allow multiple users to inventory trees at the same site and at the same time. Arbor-Note automatically keeps track so that each tree’s ID number remains unique.

Quick and easy data collection

The only required data is Tree Species. You can then enter as much or as little additional information about a tree as desired.

Arbor-Note is the only tree care app based on the Tree Care Industry’s ANSI A300 “Objective, Method, and Measurement” tree care protocol.

This ensures that Arbor-Note inventories, estimates, and risk assessments are standardized and precise.

Standardization allows your large commercial customers to compare tree care estimates and costs from one region to another when planning and budgeting.

And so you can be successful no matter what your market expects, Arbor-note allows you to add your own custom tree care attributes.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

So don’t forget to include as many photos as you would like with your inventory, estimate or risk assessment.

Prepare more estimates, close more sales, grow your business!

Prepare estimates from new or existing inventories.

Give it a quick review on site.

Email or print for your client before you leave the site.

Do it all while in the field…

  • Create ANSI A300 based inventories and estimates.
  • E-mail or print estimates before you leave the site.
  • Retrieve and view all documentation associated with a specific project.
  • Locate specific trees.

  • View a detailed history of each tree including tree photos.
  • Share tree details with anyone right from your mobile device.
  • Be accurate, go quickly and win business.